1. This applies to Jeff Bezos, for sure, but Musk… I don’t think so. I think people hate on him for stupid reasons; there are VAST differences that MATTER between him and Bezos and other rich asshats…

    However, the sentiment, in general, must be there among the oil, coal, and other fossil fuel related executives and their kind. After all, not only did they exploit the hell out of every place in every way possible despite horriffic damage done to people and ecosystems , they even KNOWINGLY brought on this global warming shit!

    Just How Stupid Is THAT?!

    Note, though, that Musk might end up being seen as a modern-day Noah, given that he’s not building wagons to space, but MASSIVE trucks! And, the truck-maker just ENABLES what’s done with it; we MIGHT find ourselves grateful for having a way to save life as we know it SOMEWHERE… Note that Musk is NOT building – or even planning to build – space stations and the like, and his ambition of Mars, well… Mars isn’t the utopia Mr. Fish’s image depicts those asshats talking about!

  2. I don’t think the cosmic Flying Doctors will allow our cancer to spread to other worlds so easily. Forcing ET to reveal its presence in such an intervention, unless their intervention can be disguised, could however provoke the aliens to exterminate us or at best place us in cold storage indefinitely. There is already a race to achieve air parity with ET, and this is the cause of the UFO secrecy. The end of the Anthropocene era could come about if public political pressure to shoot at “unidentified” aerial or submarine vehicles – (if these be at all different in character – were to coincide with an assessment by ET that we were indeed progressing technologically to a point where containing us might prove difficult. Well known satellite footage from a few years ago of a burst of lasers seen targeting an object which was following an orbiting Space Shuttle, the lasers originating apparently in central Australia, indicates that we do shoot at them already. They might not wait to lose the military advantage of most humans being unaware that they have an adversary, being themselves well aware of the inventiveness of humans in reaching the moon in their equivalent of, say, a kettle, and not wanting to have to adapt their plans to accommodate giving the wider human population time to develop strategies for resisting or worse, escaping an eventual alien option to attack.

    1. Thanks for the chuckle!

      If you’re serious, well, you both give humans WAY too much credit and also insult the intelligence of the Flying Doctors. In the former case, areal superiority ultimately means nothing at all – just chucking a few asteroids in just the right ways would take care of us pretty easily. And in the latter case, you presume malevolence of said Doctors when if they were so they’d have over-run us already, and besides, why bother with us? We’re already destroying our own home and at the rate we’re going now humanity will be at the very least back to pre-industrial levels in 100 years or less – likely a lot less – and if we turn that corner somehow (THANKS GRETTA!) it will have required overcoming the stupidity (and avaraceness) of “The Powers That Be,” including (especially including) our Military Industrial Legislative Complex President Ike warned us about in 1960 in his farewell address! And if we’ve done _that,_ well, we’ll clearly be no real threat to them no matter our later technical advances.

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