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A Wild, Conspiratorial, Fantastical View of World Politics: Might It Be True? 

The modus operandi of the Deep State is to prepare the ground for destruction of any nation deemed a threat and to neutralize those individuals, foreign and domestic, considered a danger to the Controllers’ agenda.

By Richard Cook / Original to ScheerPost

To understand the Trump federal indictments unsealed by the Justice Department on June 9, we need to address issues the mainstream media ignore and consider where these lead us. I believe they lead us to Robert F. Kennedy Jr. 

For instance, who is really in charge of the decision-making? It is certainly not special counsel Jack Smith and his grand jury. No way is it Atty. Gen. Merrick Garland, and probably not even President Joe Biden. Who then? 

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I am not the first to suggest that in the background of U.S. governance is a shadowy cabal of what we may call the “Controllers,” centered in what C. Wright Mills called the Power Elite, with multi-generational roots in the worlds of high finance, the oil industry, media conglomerates, universities and foundations, political dynasties, etc. This is a self-cognizant, semi-organized group. They are the ones who actually indicted Trump, both by Smith on June 9 and previously on April 4 by New York district attorney Alvin Bragg. 

The origins and genealogy of the cabal, and their ties with the British elite, were famously detailed in Professor Carroll Quigley’s classic work, The Anglo-American Establishment. After five decades spent in the environs of the nation’s capital, thirty-two of them at the policy levels of five federal agencies, including the Carter White House, and the rest as a published independent commentator, I can personally testify to many instances where the cabal has seemed to intervene to alter or influence the course of events. 

Key aspects of this history are documented in my book Our Country, Then and Now, soon to be published by Clarity Press. Particularly vivid are my memories of Watergate, the “Reagan Revolution,” the Clinton impeachment, 9/11, and Obama’s multi-trillion-dollar bank bailouts. Most recently it’s the U.S. proxy war against Russia in Ukraine. 

Below the level of the cabal, at its beck and call, are the three-letter agencies of the “Deep State,” most notably the CIA, FBI, DIA, DHS, NSA, NSC, ATF, etc., along with dozens of affiliated think tanks, NGOs, and law firms. These are the enforcers who carry out the will of the Controllers. Another three-letter agency with profound influence on U.S. policy is the British MI6, as documented by Canadian researcher Matthew Ehret at the Canadian Patriot website. 

These days the Deep State’s shock troops are the “Neocons.” Side branches wend their way into the slums of organized crime. The modus operandi of the Deep State is to prepare the ground for destruction of any nation deemed a threat and to neutralize those individuals, foreign and domestic, considered a danger to the Controllers’ agenda. The Deep State never acts on its own volition, and it never stops looking for—or inventing—targets. 

A good example of an individual who bridges the worlds of the Controllers and the Deep State is Henry Kissinger. Another exemplary figure was President George H.W. “Poppy” Bush. 

The system runs on money generated through the vast financial reach of the U.S. banking system, which is wired into the world of international finance in London, the EU, the BIS in Basel, the Middle East, the Pacific Rim, etc. Perched at the top within the U.S. hierarchy is the Federal Reserve.

The banking system functions through the age-old practice of compound-interest usury, which is the basic mechanism for sucking the world’s productive wealth into the accounts of the top echelons. Vast amounts of money are also shuffled through this system via money laundering, political bribery and graft, and profits from worldwide drug dealing, weapons sales, and human trafficking. 

The Controllers’ overarching goal is world conquest, control, and resource extraction. They see themselves as partners with and heirs to the British Empire, with whose own Power Elite they are heavily wired. The desire to gain world military, economic, and political dominance for the U.S. had been around for decades, but the final decision to achieve it was made by the Controllers at the start of World War II. 

The fact of planned American global economic and military supremacy and how it came about has been documented in extensive detail in an outstanding book published in 2020, Tomorrow the World: The Birth of U.S. Global Supremacy by Stephen Wertheim, a senior fellow at the Carnegie Institute for International Peace. Another excellent corroborating source is F. William Engdahl’s Gods of Money: Wall Street and the Death of the American Century. 

Today’s military doctrine of full spectrum dominance is a clear expression of the Controllers’ overall intent. Full spectrum dominance naturally translates into totalitarian control down to the level of thought, speech, and action of every human being on the planet. Some of the actions of the Deep State to exert this control have been explained by Matt Taibbi and others through the Twitter Files disclosures. 

Since the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, presidents of the United States have had one primary job: to serve as the ceremonial head of a nation masquerading as “free” and “democratic,” while the Controllers and their Deep State henchmen go about their business of taking over and ruling the world. Presidents who came up short, like Nixon and Carter, were shunted aside. 

World Wars I and II were major steps in achieving the Controllers’ goals through joining Britain in destroying the rival powers of Germany, Italy, the Ottoman Empire, Japan, etc. The only rival power left standing was the Soviet Union, with Russia at its core. The U.S./UK needed the Soviets to absorb the brunt of defeating Hitler. It was Roosevelt’s arming of the Soviets through Lend/Lease that made victory possible. 

But after Truman became president, the U.S. officially decided the Soviets were “the enemy.” The Cold War followed, with nuclear Mutually Assured Destruction both the defining characteristic and restraint against Armageddon. 

The Controllers believed their adversary had been knocked out when the Soviet Union collapsed in 1991. Under Clinton, the U.S. violated its agreements with Soviet Premier Mikhail Gorbachev by starting to push NATO eastward to the Russian border. But Putin and his cohorts brought Russia back in the 2000s while the U.S. was tied up in its failed “War on Terror,” aimed mainly at controlling Western Asian oil. 

Meanwhile, China moved to the forefront as an economic powerhouse after the U.S. spent decades trying to preempt it by making it a manufacturing colony. Today, Russia and China are breaking away from U.S. control and are establishing a multipolar structure that rejects U.S. dominance. Particularly at risk is the exalted role of the dollar as the world’s reserve currency. Once dollar hegemony is gone, so is the primary mechanism of world control. 

With the looming defeat of the U.S. in its proxy war against a Russia backed by China in Ukraine, panic has set in, with the danger of escalation toward World War III. As it anticipates this war, the U.S. is trying to complete its subjugation of the EU as its willing vassal, with the focus on Germany. Of course, the U.S. is still trying to exert control of China, the ultimate target.

In order to fight World War III, a compliant U.S. president must be in office, ready to rubber-stamp decisions. Hillary Clinton was to have been that president after 2016. But out of nowhere, Donald J. Trump emerged. Trump was not interested in leading the U.S. into World War III. Nor were the Americans who elected him. Trump is a businessman. He wanted to lead the U.S. into renewed prosperity as part of the multipolar world, with Russia and China as legitimate trading partners—perhaps rivals, but not enemies. This is what opened Trump to charges of “collusion” with Russia. 

The Controllers and the Deep State knew all this and were determined to stop it. The day after Trump was elected, the takedown began. “Russiagate” was trotted out by the Hillary Clinton campaign and the Democratic Party establishment, including former Obama aides. Next, through media propaganda and manipulation of events, Trump was set up and impeached, but this failed when the Senate did not convict. 

Next came the Covid pandemic, through which Trump awkwardly maneuvered without being fatally weakened. It was the Covid relief payments that prevented social and political collapse. Trump’s defeat in the 2020 election by Joe Biden ensued, but when Trump refused to go quietly, the January 6 “insurrection” was likely instigated. But he still refused to shut up and fade away. He decided to run against Biden in 2024, and has been leading all Republican contenders. 

But neither have the Controllers and Deep State given up. The charges in New York, the DOJ indictments, and more investigations in progress are part of a slow-moving assassination plot against Trump that has been ongoing for the last seven years. 

Tucker Carlson dates the beginning of the plot to the Republican candidates’ debate in Greenville, SC, on February 16, 2016, when Trump said we never should have been in Iraq when we went to war in 2003. Trump said the U.S. “destabilized the Middle East.” He said, “They lied. There were no weapons of mass destruction. They knew there were none.” To be fair, in his June 13, 2023, broadcast, Tucker Carlson did not use the word “assassination.”n But he did say that the intent was for Trump to die in prison. So I think “assassination” is a fair word. 

Regarding the 2024 presidential election, the only individual the Controllers and Deep State have to cling to is the corrupt, doddering Joe Biden, with enough baggage to sink an ocean liner. Even more laughable is his parody of a vice president, Kamala Harris. 

But also appearing out of nowhere is a legitimate rival to the Biden/Harris comedy team in Robert F. Kennedy Jr., scion of the family that earlier stood in the way of Controller/Deep State rule but whose stalwarts were blotted out by assassinations–JFK, RFK, and, yes, I believe, JFK, Jr. 

All the foregoing should be seen against the observation that the Controllers/Deep State will stop at nothing in trying to destroy anyone who stands in their way in furthering their project of ruling the world now and forever. 

But cracks have been appearing in their façade for over a decade, the most glaring being the 2007-2008 financial collapse, the failure of the “War on Terror,” punctuated by Biden’s 2021 flight from Afghanistan, and now the Ukraine fiasco. With the images of Joe and Hunter Biden, overlaid by those of Kamala Harris, Victoria Nuland, and Volodymyr Zelensky, as the public faces of the clique of plutocrats and gangsters who rule over us, we gain a new appreciation of the gravity and danger of the present moment. 

To return to Trump, he brought the “War on Terror” at least to the stage of winding down. Cutting funding for ISIS in Syria, ordering plans to evacuate Afghanistan, and his refusal to implement his advisers’ intent to bomb Iran may testify to his reluctance to march in lockstep with the Controllers’ program. Trump’s

advisers openly bragged about refusing to obey his orders to pull troops from Syria. Whether he was fully cognizant of the subversion of the Minsk agreements by the coup-installed government of Ukraine and its NATO/Neocon consiglieri appears questionable. 

Back to the latest indictments, the entire concept of “classified” documents is a trap resembling flypaper, ideal for ensnaring those ignorant of the danger in handling them. By some estimates, fifty million documents are given the “classified” stamp each year, with the stamp being used selectively to send its victims to prison. 

But until we see the contents of the documents in Trump’s possession and gain a fair assessment of exactly how their misuse by him aided and abetted our “enemies,” the indictment is objectively meaningless. Of course, by definition the documents are verboten to the hoi polloi such as ourselves, so we will never see them. Yet the indictments may serve their purpose, which is to lock up Trump for the rest of his life. 

Trump is being prosecuted under the Espionage Act, a 1917 relic of World War I first used by the Woodrow Wilson government to jail its political opponents, including Socialist Party leader Eugene Debs, who ran for president in 1920 from a prison cell. Modern victims of actual or threatened prosecution have included Chelsea Manning, Julian Assange, Edward Snowden, and now Trump. Under the Espionage Act, actual damage to national security does not have to be proven. It’s just a case of damage becoming hypothetically more possible. 

Of course, Trump had the opportunity to pardon Assange and others but failed to do so. Now it’s his turn. 

The U.S. prides itself on being a “nation of laws, not men.” But increasingly we see bad laws being applied selectively for ulterior motives by bad men. We also see the weaponization of the judicial system through the growing practice of “lawfare.” Hence the mission of the United States House Judiciary Select Subcommittee on the Weaponization of the Federal Government, created on January 10, 2023. Of course, the subcommittee is impotent to intervene in any actual judicial cases. 

The drama is obviously opening the door to multiple Republican contenders. Already, the race seems to be attracting the largest number of potential primary nonentities in history. Of course, the Republicans have their own clowns, such as World War III cheerleader Nikki Haley. Even John Bolton has poked his furry nose under the tent. 

But with Biden literally keeling over and Congressional investigations of his alleged corruption heating up, Republican Deep State alumnus Ron DeSantis may be the next figurehead being groomed. Democrat—Republican, it doesn’t matter. To the Controllers it’s all the same. This is the contemporary purpose of the two-party system—their interchangeability. 

In the meantime, the Controllers may be wondering how to pacify Trump’s outraged “deplorables”? Word is that Biden may offer Trump a full pardon in exchange for an agreement never to run for office again. If so, the Trump speed-bump would quietly fade in the rear-view mirror. 

Or perhaps, as he has done before, Trump will fight back. Within two days of his indictment, Trump told a GOP audience that he would never accept a plea bargain and that his campaign to return to the White House would continue. 

To tens of millions of voters, Trump’s appeal remains strong. They are willing to overlook his foibles as he seems to be standing bravely with them against an Establishment they have come to loathe. The obvious vindictiveness and pettiness of the indictments have only increased his supporters’ loyalty.

No matter what the rest of us may think of him personally or politically, Trump also remains a voice for those who would see the U.S. as a resurgent economic power rather than a hegemon that has no answer to the changing world other than trying to blow it up. This alone makes the Trump drama worth watching. But so does his vow after his initial appearance in a Miami court to “totally obliterate the Deep State.” 

Of course, if Trump could evade his enemies, persuade sufficient voters, and regain the presidency, he would yet face a steep uphill climb in managing the affairs of what increasingly is a failed state. But so would any other president. Meanwhile, the fight between Trump and the Deep State would doubtless continue. But Trump’s own baggage is never ending. 

At present it’s a Biden-Trump battle, a struggle between America’s two most powerful political figures, with Biden representing a disastrous status quo and Trump promising major changes. But along with his burdens, does Trump have a coherent program that can rally the nation behind him? That is questionable, which is why increasing support will likely be going to Robert F. Kennedy Jr. for 2024. 

The insight, clarity, and rationality of Kennedy’s statements on Ukraine, the border crisis, the failed financial system, the pandemic, and fundamental questions of war and peace are disclosing a potential statesman in our midst. Of course his positions will evolve as his campaign rolls out, but with Kennedy now polling at 20 percent of Democratic voters, the obligatory sneers and smears from MSNBC and other DNC lackeys have begun. The independent candidacy of Cornel West also exposes Joe Biden’s weakness on the progressive flank, but there is no way West can win. I believe Kennedy can rally the voting public to defeat both Biden and whatever candidate the Republicans end up choosing. 

In 1960, at the age of 13, I campaigned for JFK by giving out campaign literature on the streets of Williamsburg, Virginia. Sixty-three years later, large numbers of Americans seem prepared to do the same for his nephew. RFK Jr. is as much an adversary of the Deep State as is Trump. But he also has the potential of taking on the bosses of the Deep State, the Controllers, a battle which could change the course of history.

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Richard C. Cook

Richard C. Cook is a retired US government analyst and a former whistleblower. His new book, Our Country, Then and Now will soon be published by Clarity Press. He may be reached at monetaryreform@gmail.com.

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