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Jimmy Dore and Cornel West Get Into Heated Discussion on Campaign Messaging

Editor’s Note: The title of the original video interview uploaded to Jimmy Dore’s page is titled “Cornel West Does 45 Minute Commercial for Joe Biden!” In reposting this, we are not endorsing the depiction made of West’s comments by Dore’s title, but instead wish to share with our readers this substantive debate on important issues. Also, West does not explicitly say “Biden is better than Trump” during the interview as the thumbnail suggests.

By Jimmy Dore / YouTube

Jimmy Dore interviews Cornel West, and the two get into heated disagreements on issues of identity politics, campaign messaging, and COVID-19.

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Jimmy Dore

Jimmy Dore is an award winning comedian with several Comedy Central Specials including “Citizen Jimmy,” which was chosen “Best Of The Year” by iTunes & Punchline magazine. He is the host of the widely popular political comedy web show “The Jimmy Dore Show.”

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