2024 Briahna Joy Gray Dr. Cornel West

DEBATE: Vote For Joe Biden vs Cornel West?

By Briahna Joy Gray / YouTube

It was a thrill to join two of my favorite left political commentators in a spicy debate about the core issue occupying much of the leftist discourse today: What is the value of voting in Democratic elections? Does voting third party support the growth of an opponent to the corporate duopoly? Or do the possible gains — stronger third parties, a boost for rank choice voting — not outweigh the costs of helping Trump to get reelected? This discussion went on for over 90 min. You can find the first hour here for free. Subscribe at patreon.com/badfaithpodcast to listen to the rest. We go strong until the end: you wont want to miss it.

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Briahna Joy Gray

Briahna Joy Gray is an American political commentator, lawyer, and political consultant who served as the National Press Secretary for the Bernie Sanders 2020 presidential campaign. Gray is the host of the Bad Faith Podcast and a co-host on The Hill’s “Rising.”

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