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State Department Refuses to Address How Much USAID Money Went to Wuhan Institute of Virology

U.S. State Dept refuses to answer questions about USAID funding to the Wuhan IV "to make Coronaviruses that are weaponized" in Wuhan.

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By Sam Husseini / Substack

Yesterday, I wrote a piece summarizing some of my prior questioning on this issue and the various ways the State Department has covered this up. As I’ve documented, USAID funded EcoHealth Alliance far more than NIH.

Today, I got called on, but Miller tried his mightiest to derail the substance of the issue. More to come, but here’s video of the crux of it with full transcript below (please support this work if you can):

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HUSSEINI: As everyone’s aware, of course, the Covid pandemic took millions of lives, cost trillions of dollars.

As you may be aware, The BMJ, the prestigious British medical journal, just had a lengthy piece about how USAID just terminated a controversial [$125 million, I had mangled the amount] wildlife virus hunting program amid safety fears.

That is, USAID has had a series of programs to collect viruses– it started as the PREDICT program and then it took on different names. Lots of people have claimed that this, as well as NIH funding, to–

MILLER: Who are the people that have claimed that?

HUSSEINI: That have claimed–

MILLER: Yeah. You said lots of people– who in particular?

HUSSEINI: Have claimed what aspect?

MILLER: The point you were just making. You were saying lots of people have claimed; I would like to know who those people are that I’m going to be responding to in a minute.

HUSSEINI: Oh, ok. I have claimed–


HUSSEINI: Richard Ebright–

MILLER: This is usually a question for questions, not claims, but go — go ahead.

HUSSEINI: No no no no. Well, I mean, this is an overdue subject, don’t you think?

Richard Ebright, other prestigious scientists, have stated that it could well be the case that the Covid pandemic– U.S. INTELLIGENCE SERVICES have put out statements that it could have come out of a lab in Wuhan.

Now we know that NIH funding went from EcoHealth Alliance to the Wuhan Institute of Virology. USAID —

MILLER: (Loud audible sigh)

HUSSEINI: You find this very tiresome?

MILLER: Go ahead. I just– it’s — it– get the question, if you don’t–

HUSSEINI: Well you asked me.

MILLER: Get to the question if you don’t mind.

HUSSEINI: You asked me.


HUSSEINI: So, how much money went from USAID to this — to the work at Wuhan and to their collaborator, Ralph Baric, at the University of North Carolina to create — to collect and make coronaviruses that are weaponized. That are more deadly.

MILLER: So, I, first of all, reject the implicit accusation in that question. And I do not have at my finger —

HUSSEINI: (Inaudible, crosstalk)

MILLER: I– I– I– I do not — I do not have at my fingertips the particular details of USAID funding. Go ahead. (Points to another reporter)

HUSSEINI: You — are you saying for certain–

MILLER: (To another reporter) Go ahead.

HUSSEIN: Are you saying for certain that no USAID money went to the Wuhan Institute of Virology?

MILL: (Crosstalk) Go — go– go — I — I’ve answered the question. Go ahead. (points to other reporter)

HUSSEINI: No, please tell me: Do you — are you stating that no USAID money went —

MILLER: Ya know, I — I — I — (crosstalk) I will say, I — I am happy to take questions from those in this audience, I’m happy to answer them. I appreciate that they treat, uh, every person in this room, including myself, respectfully.

HUSSEINI: I am treating you respectfully. I’m asking you —

MILLER: I called on you, I’m now calling on someone else. Go ahead.

HUSSEINI: Treat me respectfully. Please tell me, WHAT ARE YOU DENYING?

MILLER: (To other reporter) Go ahead, please.



HUSSEINI: It’s a non-denial denial!

MILLER: (To other reporter) Go ahead.

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