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Larry’s List: Israel and Palestine, Media Literacy and Corporate Lies

By SP Staff

ScheerPost is bringing back Larry’s List, a daily news curation from USC communications professor Larry Gross, to keep you up to date with the most cutting edge news and analysis of our time. A specialist in media and culture, art and communication, visual communication and media portrayals of minorities, Gross helped found the field of gay and lesbian studies and is retiring this year after fifty five years of teaching.

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For Israel, There Are No Good Options Now

How the Jewish state finds itself in a dead end. Thanks in part to its US supporters.

By Andrew Sullivan | The Weekly Dish

Scientific Journal Dismisses Editor-in-Chief for Endorsing Onion Item on Gaza

It’s bad for public discourse, and bad for science, if scientists have to face professional retaliation simply for expressing such political views on controversial political topics.

By Eugene Volokh | Reason

 A Taxonomy of Corporate Bullshit 

There are six lies that corporations have told since time immemorial, and Nick Hanauer, Joan Walsh and Donald Cohen’s new book *Corporate Bullsh*t: Exposing the Lies and Half-Truths That Protect Profit, Power, and Wealth in America* provides an essential taxonomy of this dirty six.

By Cory Doctorow | Pluralistic

No Human Being Can Exist

How can a person make up for seven decades of misrepresentation and willful distortion in the time allotted to a sound bite?

By Saree Makdisi | n+1

The Lesson of 9/11 Is That Israel Cannot Win Its Gaza War

Biden says he doesn’t want Israel to repeat America’s mistakes, so why is he supporting Israel as it does exactly that?

By Spencer Ackerman | The Nation

The Uses and Abuses of the Kalven Report

Do current events really affirm the wisdom of administrative neutrality?

By Jennifer Ruth | The Chronicle

A Media Literacy Handbook for Israel-Gaza

 A new “breaking news consumer handbook” from On The Media.

By Cory Doctorow | Pluralistic

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