Cartoon Chastyn “Nova” Hicks Incarceration

Prison Is Like a Pumpkin Patch

Just like pumpkins, we dress in orange and have scarecrows watching over our every move.
Illustration by Chastyn “Nova” Hicks

By Chastyn “Nova” Hicks / Prison Journalism Project

In prison, it’s easy for inmates to feel helpless and soulless. We are imprinted with a number and treated like one too, made to live in a deserted field. Prison guards watch over our every move to ensure we do not escape to freedom.

This pumpkin patch resembles a typical prison yard, barren and full of inmates in orange — hence the pumpkins. Since the pumpkins represent inmates, they’re imprinted with prison ID numbers.

The scarecrow depicts a prison guard who is dressed appropriately in a corrections officer’s uniform, equipped with a utility belt and sheriff’s star. 

And the witch in the sky represents our highest lookout — the prison warden who cackles and hovers over us all, day and night.

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Chastyn “Nova” Hicks

Chastyn “Nova” Hicks is a writer and artist incarcerated in Arizona.

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