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Larry’s List: On Gaza and Protests, Social Security, Open-Access Publishing, a Tunnel War and More

By SP Staff

ScheerPost is bringing back Larry’s List, a daily news curation from USC communications professor Larry Gross, to keep you up to date with the most cutting edge news and analysis of our time. A specialist in media and culture, art and communication, visual communication and media portrayals of minorities, Gross helped found the field of gay and lesbian studies and is retiring this year after fifty five years of teaching.

On Larry’s List today — a top UN official steps down, citing UN complicity in genocide of Palestinian civilians in Gaza; an open-access proposal that would revolutionize science publishing; an argument against the Right’s attack on Social Security benefits; VCs question university investments following on-campus protests over the war in Gaza, and more.

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Top UN Official in New York Steps Down Citing Genocide Of Palestinian Civilians

Craig Mokhiber, director of human rights body, accuses the US, UK and much of Europe as ‘wholly complicit in the horrific assault.’

By Ed Pilkington | The Guardian

Why We on the Israeli Left Feel Hit From Both Sides

We have battled Netanyahu and the right wing for decades. And now we feel alienated from a global left that won’t see Hamas for what it is.

By Ksenia Svetlova | The New Republic

Open-access Reformers Launch Next Bold Publishing Plan

The group behind Plan S has already accelerated the open-access movement. Now it is proposing a more radical revolution for science publishing.

By Layal Liverpool | Nature

Social Security Is Class War, Not Intergenerational Conflict

Social Security is class war, not intergenerational conflict: If conservatives were really interested in millennial life-chances, they’d demand inheritance taxes, not Social Security cuts.

By Cory Doctorow | Pluralistic

The Palestinian People Should Be Enraged at Both Israel and Hamas

Israel’s crimes in Gaza are clear. But Hamas has inflicted tremendous harm on blameless Palestinians in a political war of attrition against its Fatah rivals.

By Hussein Ibish | The New Republic

The Tunnel War

From the air soldiers breathe to the guns they fire, everything is different underground.

By Jeff Wise | New York Magazine

Gaza Protests Prompt Vcs To Reconsider University Investments

Top venture capital firms and university endowments have a long and lucrative relationship. But it may be fraying.

Dan Primack | Axios

The Surprising Scientific Weirdness of Glass

Three mind-bendy conversations about glass later, I see the sublime in my windowpanes.

By Brian Resnick | Vox

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