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Gallup Poll: Record Low Number of Americans Think Death Penalty is Fair

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By Death Penalty Focus

Gallup released a poll this week that found that for the first time since 2000 when it began asking whether respondents believed the death penalty was fairly applied, 50% said it was not fairly imposed, while 47% believe it is. “This represents a five-point increase in the percentage who think it is applied unfairly since the prior measurement in 2018,” Gallup stated. 

The pollsters noted that the number of those who believe it is fairly applied had averaged 49% since 2016 and dropped to 47% this year. 

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Not surprisingly, the majority of Republicans — 68% — believe it is non-discriminatory, while 28% of Democrats — a new low — and 46% of Independents — tying their lowest number in 2000 — believe it is fair.

As for the death penalty overall, most Republicans support it — 81% — and most Democrats — 65% — oppose it, according to the poll. 

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Death Penalty Focus

Death Penalty Focus was founded in 1988 by a group of California death penalty abolitionists.  Since then, DPF has led protests, supported vigils, engaged people of faith, and worked with community leaders to end the death penalty.  From the start, DPF has educated, mobilized and organized the anti-death penalty movement in California. In conjunction with coalition partners including the ACLU, NAACP, Catholic Mobilizing Network, the American Bar Association, California People of Faith, Amnesty International, and criminal defense organizations, DPF became a national leader in death penalty policy and abolition strategy.

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