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Mr. Fish
Mr. Fish

Dwayne Booth (a.k.a., Mr. Fish) is a cartoonist, freelance writer, and ScheerPost’s artistic director, and he has been published in many reputable and prestigious magazines, journals and newspapers. In addition to Harper’s Magazine, his work has appeared in The Los Angeles Times, The Village Voice, Vanity Fair, Mother Jones Magazine, the Advocate, Z Magazine, the Utne Reader,, and various European newspapers. He has also written novels, screenplays, short fiction and cultural criticism collections, and several volumes of political cartoons.


  1. Gandhi’s statements and actions were almost always straightforward and plain, because he knew he was talking to/with millions of mainly poor, uneducated people.
    The difference between those folks and the American underclass is the surfeit of advertising (and mind numbing trash that passes for entertainment) that has suffocated the innate wisdom we are all born with.
    Educated people are often only educated in a highly specialised field, so many live in a state of tunnel vision.
    Ever since the ideals of Socialism were co-opted by the middle class, the underclass have been ignored in favour of the ‘Green Dream’.
    As the old Chinese curse says:
    ‘May you live in interesting times’
    (Fair dinkum is Australian slang for honest or genuine).

  2. You outline a tragic tale RZ.
    The insidious crimes and genocide of the ruling class are almost incomprehensible. They are certainly unforgivable.
    Writers and historians brave enough have exposed just a small part of their psychopathic bloodlust and avarice.
    Unfortunately most of their words are not seen by most of the people.
    Anyone who shines the light of Truth, whether it be a historian, journalist, cartoonist, poet, artist or songwriter is helping in their own way to diminish collective ignorance.

  3. That is why we must aim for Anarchy (rules WITHOUT rulers).
    Police, prisons and laws would still exist in an anarchist society, but they would not be under the control of vested interests.
    There is no alternative.
    Everything else has failed.
    It’s anarchy or Armageddon.

    1. Anarchy is cooperative not competitive.
      There are no leaders, no Generals, no judges etc.
      Hierarchies demand top down decisions.
      In an anarchist society decisions are made from the bottom up.
      Control freaks, narcissists and the born to rule brigade cannot comprehend or are shit scared of it.
      It’s how Mother Nature works (mutual aid) and it’s how evolution works.
      Competition will destroy most of humanity and cooperation, via anarchy, will be the next stage of evolution.

  4. Getting a tad testy RZ?
    It may have escaped your attention, but the ‘grown ups’ have brought us to the edge of oblivion.
    When something doesn’t work for two thousand years or more, you don’t patch it with duct tape and a lick of paint.
    You throw it in a deep dark pit and start again.
    Lateral thinking borrows from itself. Creativity is brand new.

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