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On Contact: Hedges and Street on the Strength of Right-Wing Populism

Despite losing, Donald Trump has solidified support from an angry, disposed working class that cuts across racial lines.

On Chris Hedges’ RT show, On Contact, the host speaks with professor Paul Street about the outcome of the US presidential election, and how despite losing, Donald Trump has solidified an angry, disposed working class that cuts across racial lines and has embraced a right-wing populism.

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    1. They are both real words. He is implying they have been disposed of or been disposable by the status quo forces driving our current dominant systems.

    2. Eh? I noticed it too, but then thought that “disposed” actually fits pretty well. ‘The Disposed’. More and more folks find themselves tumbling ass over heels into that ‘class’.

  1. OK … I’ve read a couple of Paul Street’s pieces, but not lately. He sure doesn’t look at all as I imagined. So I will watch this nearly 30 minute video, but a transcript would sure be nice, (I’m sure an average speed reader could read it in 10. It’s odd to see those who lament the erosion of literacy, of the ‘written’ word, not provide a transcript. Maybe voice recog applications are too expensive?

    Anyway, 30 minutes… So you want me to get maybe 10 minutes worth, and the other 20 minutes goes to having the scheer pleasure (ahem) of looking at you two mugs as you talk to each other?

    Paul Street. I had a Michael Fassbender ‘type’ in mind. He was very angry when he wrote the pieces I read. Very perception. Eloquent. Very good writer.

    1. What I generally will do with a 10+ minute video, when I’m pressed for time, is view it at x1.75 speed on YouTube. Most On Contact episodes are available there via the RT channel.

      Just a suggestion… 🙂

      1. That’s a very good idea. Speed video viewing, like speed reading.

        Still, whats the point of the pictures part. With a transcript it’s much easier to reference back, or to quote, or to ‘process’ in many different ways.

        Anyway …. Just giving feedback. If you’re going into ‘show business’, a pretty girl, or handsome guy, can’t hurt, eh? Folks being what folks are, (and so few hi-brows among them).

  2. Some pretty girls are real smart too, ya know. If yer gonna go fer eyeballs, for the visual, rather than the literate, (rather than just people’s engaged minds), people always appreciate a pretty girl to look at. Aren’t there any smart handsome men on the Left?

    If you’re leaving the literate world to go into show business, that’s fine, but show business is show business, boys. Many very good writers may not be very good talkers. And vice versa.

    Anyway … Nothing wrong with the concept. It’s ALL ‘show business’ in one sense or another.

    Just sayin’ … 30 minutes instead of 10, and the bargain is that for the other 20 I get to watch two frumpy looking middle aged men talk to each other?

      1. You clearly missed the point I was trying to make about ‘show business’. Folks is just folks, good citizen Ms. Conaway. We can’t all be superior hi-brows, (as you seem to want to make sure we know YOU are).

        Well … I was sayin’ … People reveal themselves without even knowing it.

        Thanks for your comments.

  3. OK … Not 7 minutes in, and I’ve had enough … It’s a shame because Mr. Street has a lot of very valuable things to say … but his bias is so intense that it is obvious that he has completely abandoned any concept of scientific discipline.

    This man is ‘raving forth’ with his emotions, making grand pronouncements in such staccato rhythm that he is six subjects down the road already before he even pauses for breath.

    Look … If you could see yourselves through other people’s eyes, that would give you MUCH (MUCH!) more power.

    Trump was a lone wolf oafus buffoon clown. He never would have run had he had ANY idea what he was getting into. They used him as a patsy. They’ve had him ‘spun around’ since day one. This nation, nor any nation, has ever seen the naked power of Mass Media on display as we have just seen brought to bear against Trump.

    Now, here they come … Hear them come ROARING into FULL power!

    Look, folks … being conned is a bad feeling, but for the con to keep working, the marks gotta STAY conned.

    We are not only so foolish that we have fallen for the always 100% fatal LOTE trap, but when we have chosen between evils, we have failed to recognize that when choosing evil the weakest is the lesser.

    We are now celebrating because we actually helped The Enemy with this brilliant ruse. We helped them ‘con’ us. We are celebrating because we defeated a weak buffoonish clown patsy, and elected a powerful MACHINE to rule over us.

    LOTE is foolish. Voting for the most powerful evil as ‘the lesser’ is just downright stupid.

    But here we are now … eh? What’s done is done. We’re just a buncha’ poor dumb humans. We ALL fuck up ’bout half the time.

    Well … I’m not that familiar with his work, but my early impression is that Mr. Street is a better writer than a talker. He appears to be ‘posturing’. Ego is always a pesky enemy, like some stupid monkey that always sits on our shoulders. We can never be rid of it. We’re humans. That’s how we’re made. Sometimes if we slap it just right it may shut the ‘f’ up for awhile, and we might have a few minutes to get something done. Sheesh … our human condition …

    I think good citizen Mr. Street must strive to be more honest than that. One can see well enough that he CAN be. It does not flatter him to hold forth a credential as a scholar, then give vent to every assumption his emotions command him to make.

    Where is the ‘science’ in this scholar’s work? Does he possibly think he is looking at our times objectively? Is he THAT delusional? I think likely not. But I don’t know him. And seven minutes of hearing him recite the rote litany of ‘the Left’, that Trumpty-Dumpty, all in pieces at the foot of his wall, with head spinning and tongue in teeth, is (or now was), the worst demon in all human history, (and poor ole Noam better kick it back some, he’s had far too distinguished a career to sully it now with recitations of rote bloviations).

    Y’all just ‘defeated’ a renegade oafus buffoon clown patsy, and elected THE MACHINE ….

    Congratulations … when y’all sober up we need t’ talk…

    Ya know, if you all would stop “hearing without listening”, if you would start listening, you’d hear folks ‘cross the way sayin’ they like Trump ’bout as much as you like Biden.

    But you fellas is way too smart t’ even listen to what the other guys say. Aintcha?

    People who should be allies must first stop being enemies.

    And no ‘party’ will EVER prosper while it demonizes the Common People.

  4. For those who would would like to think about this issue, read Professor Street’s book, mentioned by Mr. Hedges at the end of this On Contact segment: Hollow Resistance: Obama, Trump and the Politics of Appeasement.

  5. I too have seen a few interviews with Street. Have always been impressed with him. I think the only issue I ever had with him was during the mid-terms 2 years ago when he wrote in one of his Counterpunch columns to vote Dem. In the interest of fairness, he wasn’t exactly waving the big blue flag, but he detested Trump as most sensible people do and in that column ended up backsliding into advising left voters to vote blue during that time. But that was the only instance amid a slew of great writing and insight so I was more than willing to overlook it. I’m surprised he doesn’t have his own show somewhere, he’s very good.

    Considering he’s a Marxist, I’ve always wondered if there was anything he disagreed with Marx on. Nothing wrong with that, Prof. David Harvey is a Marxist and has stated that he disagrees with Marx on this or that issue. I myself have read all 3 Capital volumes and the only issue I take with Marx that I can think of is he rejects Thomas Malthus’ stance that overpopulation causes major social problems. Perhaps I just don’t understand Marx’ view but I do think human overpopulation is contributing in no small way to the problems we face. I realize capitalism relies on it (more people + finite jobs = higher unemployment rate) but not sure if there’s another connection.

    (No, that doesn’t mean I support genocide. Hate that I have to qualify it like this.)

  6. The idea Trump’s presidency represents some real grievance is ludicrous on its own. The idea he represents a working class grievance is simply beyond incredulous, and is indicative of the deteriorating mental and cognitive state of the progenitor of such an !d!otic idea!

    Trump is a con man. Moreover, he is a direct descendant of a line of far right conservative leaders that goes back to Nixon overt racism, Reagan decimation of the unions which forced Democrats to seek other power brokers or risk elimination, and Bush’s authoritarian security state fascism.

    To claim he represents anything other than conservative inertia, corruption, and anti-democratic impulses is not simply to ignore the reality of the growing conservative-liberal divide, but a glaring insult to the intelligence of anyone who voted for Trump because he reflects their own values.

    For someone supposedly advocating for workers causes and power, Hedge’s claim that they fell for such an obvious con man, especially considering Trump’s 4 years have caused so much damage to workers (and to everything else, for that matter) is counter productive, to say the least.

    1. nHaramati writes:
      “For someone supposedly advocating for workers causes and power, Hedge’s claim that they fell for such an obvious con man, especially considering Trump’s 4 years have caused so much damage to workers (and to everything else, for that matter) is counter productive, to say the least”.

      Do you even understand that your conclusion does not follow from the argument you represent?

      The fact that Trump is a liar and con man does not say anything about who fell for the con or didn’t.

      If one would listen to what working people who support Trump are actually saying, you would hear many say that they like Trump as much as the Left likes Biden.

      These people, the American working class, have no one that represents their interests. Trump is the ONLY one who even PRETENDED to. The American Left told the American working class to “go fuck themselves”, and has demonized American working people as racists because they oppose destitute foreign workers taking their jobs.

  7. Here’s the thing: to say that workers voted for Trump, in 2020, as a protest against Democrats’ abandonment is to say they are gullible !d!ots since even in 2016 it was obvious his nonsensical anti-establishment con was PR propaganda, and after his 4 years in office only a complete delusional m@r@n would buy any of his promises.

    The sad fact of US politics is that contrary to the propaganda spewed by Hedges and his Neo Progressive comrades the American electorate is more conservative than liberal or progressive.

    In addition, the demographic increase in Trump voters which Hedges quote as a ‘proof’ to his bizarre theory could easily, and more naturally explained by the fact the voter participation in the 2020 election is the largest in a hundred years, up to 10% higher than 2016 in certain states.

    “The US experienced a historic turnout rate of 65.1% – the highest in over 100 years – delivering the popular vote and electoral college to Joe Biden, the Democratic candidate.”

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