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You’re Fired!

Mr. Fish
Mr. Fish

Dwayne Booth (a.k.a., Mr. Fish) is a cartoonist and freelance writer, has been published in many reputable and prestigious magazines, journals and newspapers. In addition to Harper’s Magazine, his work has appeared in The Los Angeles Times, The Village Voice, Vanity Fair, Mother Jones Magazine, the Advocate, Z Magazine, the Utne Reader,, and various European newspapers. He has also written novels, screenplays, short fiction and cultural criticism collections, and several volumes of political cartoons.

Copyright 2020 Mr. Fish / Dwayne Booth


  1. Good on ya Mr Fish.
    Question is: Was Biden voted in or was Trump voted out?
    He sure as hell made a lot of the American middle class squirm.

  2. Oh geez … the actual torch of Lady Liberty has been lit by means of an obviously crooked election that has brought to power a corrupt but immensely powerful POLITICAL MACHINE, whose best ‘front man’ is a Swamp Slime Lizard, his every step still sloshing in slime stinky from Ukraine.

    Does this guy sleep with a bible autographed by Norman Rockwell under his pillow?

    Lord god … Is THIS the cutting edge of the American Left’s best wit?

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