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Best of ‘Scheer Intelligence’ 2021: Assange, Kucinich, Abdullah and More

Throughout another turbulent year of pandemic, protests, and economic troubles, Robert Scheer and the award-winning “Scheer Intelligence” team made sure to bring you left-wing perspectives from a wide range of distinguished voices including Ralph Nader, Melina Abdullah, Chris Hedges, and many more, as the progressive fight becomes as urgent as ever. With a new year around the corner, join us and listen to a selection of the most popular “Scheer Intelligence” episodes from 2021 in which guests grapple with America’s turbulent past and present, and discuss what we might expect from the future with Scheer. For more episodes, click here or subscribe on:  Apple / Spotify / Google Play .

Ralph Nader: Democrats Ushered in an Era of Corporate Fascism

The consumer advocate, author and former presidential candidate refuses to mince words about Democrats and their corporate bedfellows in his latest interview with Robert Scheer. Listen here.

Julian Assange’s Father and Brother on the Public and Personal Urgency of His Case

On this episode of “Scheer Intelligence,” John and Gabriel Shipton speak to Robert Scheer about the WikiLeaks founder’s grueling struggle to be freed from a London prison as the Biden administration demanded his extradition. Listen here.

Melina Abdullah: ‘When We Fight, We Win’

As the jury was deliberating its verdict in George Floyd’s murder by former police officer Derek Chauvin, BLM co-founder Melina Abdullah spoke with Robert Scheer about the movement’s enormous impact and the work that remains. Listen here.

Achal Prabhala: How the West Is Keeping the Covid-19 Pandemic From Ending

On this “Scheer Intelligence” episode, the activist speaks to Robert Scheer from India about wealthy countries’ reluctance to end global vaccine apartheid. Listen here.

Amelia Pang on the Human Cost of America’s Addiction to Cheap Goods

The investigative journalist joins Robert Scheer to discuss the story of a Chinese prisoner at the heart of her gripping new book, “Made in China.” Listen here.

Dennis Kucinich: From Sleeping in a Car as a Kid to 16 Years in Congress

The former Congress member talks to Robert Scheer about his life and the dramatic events surrounding his political rise, as told in his new book “The Division of Light and Power.” Listen here.

Mr. Fish: The Political Cartoon Is Dead: Long Live the Cartoonist

Political cartoonist and ScheerPost regular Mr. Fish joins Robert Scheer to talk about the death of his art form and his most recent book, “Nobody Left” in a must-listen episode of “Scheer Intelligence.” Listen here.

Andrew Cockburn: War Is a Multi-Trillion-Dollar Racket and the Pentagon Knows It

The journalist and Harper’s editor brilliantly documents the motivations behind the U.S. military’s war lust in his new book, “Spoils of War.” Listen to his discussion with Robert Scheer here.

Sam Pollard: The FBI’s Crusade Against MLK Was Darker Than You Think

The film director discusses his documentary “MLK / FBI” on J. Edgar Hoover’s sickening surveillance of the civil rights hero on a gripping episode of “Scheer Intelligence.” Listen here.

A Come-to-Jesus Sermon From the Rev. Chris Hedges 

Last but certainly not least, the Pulitzer prize-winning journalist and ScheerPost columnist talks to Robert Scheer about putting Christ back into Christmas during another pandemic holiday season when everyone could use a little faith. Listen here.


  1. As you couldn’t possibly know, I have been known to say that Chris Hedges is a reincarnation of Jesus for our times. I identify with this human being since I am a graduate of Yale Divinity School. I was the only student as well as the youngest student at YDS who went to the first Vietnam protest in November, 1965 when NormanThomas was still alive. I was dumfounded that the entire school wasn’t there since I felt that these very souls were the ones that knew war is never the answer. This experience has impacted my life from that day to this. I along several other wonderful activist classmates integrated Transylvania University during my senior year. To me that was the highest achievement of my college career even though I received the Outstanding Senior Award and the first woman to do so. I bear witness to two of the most ethical people I have been blessed to know-my parents. Now I thrive on the lifelong commitment to your care and concern for not only our fellow inhabitants but for our precious planet, Earth. Blessings to you and our world in the coming New Year. Namaste

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  2. Still no recognition that Amelia Pang is an NED-funded (she acknowledges funding from an NED-backed organization in the book), Epoch Times writer. You could have figured this out with a few google searches. Instead you’ve been used to spread anti-China propaganda.

    Through it’s incredible poverty-alleviation efforts & the Belt-and-Road Initiative, China is hands-down the greatest force for expanding human rights in the world today. You should interview Danny Haiphong or Carlos Martinez from Friends of Socialist China in order to reintroduce some balance into your coverage.

  3. Independent News Stories We’re Tracking —

    ProPublica has published a thoroughly-documented exposé of how St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, one of the most highly regarded health care charities in the United States, fails to provide the kind of support it touts for families with catastrophically sick children.

    For MintPress News, Alan MacLeod reveals that the Gates Foundation has bankrolled hundreds of media outlets and ventures, to the tune of at least $319 million. Given the foundation’s global influence on issues from big tech and public health to global governance and media affairs, there should be far more scrutiny and analysis of the impacts of such contributions on coverage of the many issues where Gates has, in MacLeod’s words, “a glaring conflict of interest.”

    Lee Fang, writing for The Intercept, describes how Pfizer is among the Big Pharma companies lobbying to block legislation that would strengthen whistleblowers’ ability to report corporate fraud.

    For Truthout, Sharon Zhang reports that the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) has called for new Amazon union elections after finding that Amazon had illegally interfered with union elections earlier this year. Zhang’s report can be read as an important follow-up to one of the Top 25 stories from State of the Free Press 2022, Google’s Union-Busting Methods Revealed. As Zhang reports and Project Censored has highlighted, workers deserve to have a voice at work, which unions provide.


    Behind the Headlines —


    Empire Files,

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