1. @Storm
        Ditch diggers work as hard or harder than anyone, yet they’re poor. The only difference between rich people and everyone else is that rich people are more aggressive. That’s it. It has nothing to do with working hard, being more intelligent, being more talented, or anything else like that. Of course there are exceptions, but they are pretty rare.

  1. For my own piece of mind, I had to determine what success meant for me personally. We do not all value the same things. However, when even the most basic of human needs are no longer being met we have to ask ourselves who is responsible for robbing and oppressing us. We have known the answer to this question for several decades now. There are no longer any excuses for our inaction.

    1. @Kathy H
      As a radical environmentalist, “success” means something totally different for you than it does for me. But if you’ve gotten over materialism, greed, and being self-centered, you’re on the right path. (For me it means a healthy thriving Earth that’s as fecund and filled with wilderness and wildlife as it was before humans started using agriculture; it doesn’t center around people.)

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