1. Yeah, I wish we had men and women who could actually mix it up physically, but with 70 percent of Americans with at least two chronic illnesses . . . . .

    Here’s how rotten the show is, and has always been, and will be under predatory, casino, corrupt, criminal capitalism: touches on all aspects of a society for, by, with, because of the oligarchs, even those hayseed oligarchs!


    In July of 2021, a professional architectural historian named Erin Edwards delivered what she expected would be the near-final draft of a report about a contested swath of sugar cane plantation land along the Mississippi River in Louisiana. The painstaking survey, for her bosses at a consulting firm, was supposed to identify harms to historic sites so that developers can prevent or minimize them.

    Edwards’ report detailed how a proposed $400 million grain elevator, almost the height of the Statue of Liberty, would disrupt sites that are both sacred and dedicated to educating people about slavery and its aftermath. These included homes in the 750-person community of Wallace, an African American cemetery and the nearby Whitney Plantation Museum, which serves as a memorial to generations of people forced to work the fields against their will. The draft said vermin, loud noises and ground vibrations would likely invade the quiet space of the museum, which draws tens of thousands of visitors each year.

    For many residents of Wallace and nearby communities in St. John the Baptist Parish, the site holds deeper meaning. They are the descendents of people who’d once been enslaved there.

    An agricultural company called Greenfield had purchased the land for $40 million in 2021 and is seeking a permit from the Army Corps of Engineers to build a massive industrial operation that would include 54 grain silos. A long conveyor would carry millions of tons of wheat, soy and other crops to the facility from ships docked on the river. Gulf South Research Corporation, where Edwards worked, was hired to help Greenfield comply with a section of the 1966 National Historic Preservation Act that requires development projects funded or given a permit by federal agencies to document significant sites and come up with a plan to minimize harm. The law gives agencies like the Corps authority to deny permits if a proposed project cannot be reshaped to avoid harming sites with historic significance.

    The draft report by Edwards and a co-author concluded that the grain elevator would have “an adverse effect on historic properties.” The authors said they had determined that the entire area should be listed as a historic district in the National Register of Historic Places, the federal government’s roster of sites deemed worthy of preservation.

    Edwards had included a sentence that she believed was suggestive if not definitive about an underexamined aspect of the land: the possibility that it contained as-yet undiscovered graves. “Thus far, no enslaved cemeteries have been found for either Whitney or Evergreen Plantations,” another nearby and unusually intact plantation where the movie “Django Unchained” was filmed, “despite hundreds of enslaved people being kept there for over 155 years.”

    Three months after Edwards handed in her report, in October 2021, Gulf South filed to the state a document with the same title as the one Edwards wrote but with some notable edits.

    The determination of the historic district, the findings about the impact on Whitney and the community around it, and the lone sentence about unknown graves had all been removed. The report now concluded that “the project would not result in an adverse effect.”

    1. To Paul,
      “Gulf South Research Corporation, where Edwards worked, was hired to help Greenfield comply with a section of the 1966 National Historic Preservation Act …”

      Slight correction, Paul, GSRC was hired to help Greenfield establish that “the project would not result in an adverse effect.” And GSRC understood that – if your reports result in an “adverse effect” on the interests of the company that hired you – you wouldn’t get any more business ..

      I have seen this over and over in my multiple dealings with “agencies” and permits – the only way to fight this is to contest that finding – however, to the extent that the “finding agency” has “discretion” as to what it determines is an “adverse impact” sufficient to require mitigation, it would be an uphill battle – in which the agency can tilt the field by excluding such info ..

  2. Politics today makes me feel like the cover of this book with uncle Sam and Trump tug-of-war in the earth over the pit of hell with Covid bats flying out this week cows and pigs is celebrating Juneteenth with our artist the great Zhair Nixon. How do author Paul TEICH cowsandpigsmaketheearthwarm.com

    Colbertsmallbizbump Why is there a little black girl saving the world in the “Banned book”, “COWS AND PIGS MAKE THE Earth WARM?” Why don’t our corporate masters like my political sarcasm and if they don’t why is what they think more important than my freedom of speech and my right to write? What does the Neoliberal assault on our democracy have to do with disparity and racism? How did my dad teach me the difference between not being a racist and being against racism?
    When I was a kid 4-5 years old I said to my dad’s best friend Andy who was reading me a book, “how come there are no black people in any of the kid’s books?” It was 1970 and Andy was a black man married to a white woman. Andy just kind of smiled and shook his head, but he just didn’t seem happy about it. As it turned out there were no black people in any of the kid’s books I read or were read to me. I knew that they existed and as far as I knew Mary who lived with us was our family and Andy who we did Christmas with were black, they were our friends and family but they were not represented in children’s books. I saw black people on TV occasionally and out in public, but not in the children’s books that were read to me.
    That is why when I wrote a book it had a little black girl saving the world. Actually there is another book coming out called “Everything is Easy Cause of You”, where a black girl is the heroine too. If there is anything that I despair it is disparity and it is my hope that with my books and articles I will make disparity despair reduce it as a wrong way of being and help save the world. It is my intention to save the world with all the work I do.
    When our country was formed by land owning white christian slave-owners, the Senate, known as the more worthy class was picked to rule by other land owning white christian slave owners who agreed that many rights needed to be afforded to the land owning white christian slave owners. Madison the major framer of our constitution as Lance Banning, a major respected modern critiquer of Madison’s work put it, Madison concentrated on certain rights and chief among them was to protect the minority from the majority. The minority Madison and Banning were talking about was made clear to me in a lecture by Professor Noam Chomsky and later by Professor Cornell West. The minority our founding fathers were protecting in our constitution with their confusing rhetoric was, you guessed it, no you didn’t, THE MINORITY OF THE RICH LAND OWNERS.
    The framers of our constitution realized that if they wanted to minimize democracy and maximize disparity then they would have to make it law, not tell us it was a law and pretend they are talking about something else completely. If they wanted to keep us licking their boots then they would have to make us think that god wanted us to do it and that it was therefore the only right course of action. Yes the people who framed our constitution did not want democracy or an agrarian reform because then the intelligent class of men (european,white christian slave owners) would have to share their money and land with poor white men, men who were darker than them and women,(probably in that order). At this time the Senate considered themselves human beings and everyone else a lower form of life to be considered and used as a commodity. Women of every color were bought and sold as chattel.
    The people with the money own businesses like publishing houses. People like our senators owned the businesses and ran them in their own prejudicial ways. I hope this explains why there were no black people in the children’s books that my friends and family read to me so long ago. I hope this gives some idea of the feelings I have and why I would write a book with a young black heroine. If our corporate fascist rulers have their way then Jeff Bazos buying the Washington Post won’t be the only example of the masters controlling the surfs through mind control, manipulation and propaganda. Did I mention, “COWSANDPIGSMAKETHEEARTHWARM.COM” is banned on social media. Protect your right to write.
    My dad taught me the difference between not being a racist and being against racism when I was 5 years old. First I had a black relative who lived with us and my dad’s best friend was a black guy. I didn’t consider that people were any different based on their skin color and this made me very weird to some people. We went to a black families Christmas and we had black people at our Chanukah. When we went to dinner, my mom and dad and my older brother and our friends Carol and Andy would all go out together. It was 1970 and in Philthadelphia that meant racial slurs and screams at the interracial couple and screams at us for being friends with them. If they came over to us to fight my dad would handle it. I did not know why or understand why my dad would tell Andy not to fight and that if he did my dad would not be arrested, the white supremacists would not be arrested, but Andy would be arrested because he was black. At 6 years old I did not understand this at all. I wanted to fight although I am a lifelong pacifist. Andy would get very very very mad, and my dad would escalate and deescalate the situation. Lucky my dad taught hand to hand for the military, he was the toughest dad ever and wanted peace more than anything. It didn’t matter how many men were ready to attack us, once my dad started fighting, if it came to that all the other men would start running away. My dad would then dust off his trousers and hands and say let’s go to dinner. I was 6 and I didn’t understand everything but what I did understand, because of my parents and being brought up around black people is that there is a difference between, “Not being a racist” and “Being against racism”. You can not be a racist but allow racism to continue. You can be against racism and do something about it, my dad was against racism.
    I had several videos that were pretty famous on YouTube before they terminated (cancel culture) my 2000 original video 9 year old channel. One video talked about Redemption Song and then I performed it and another one spoke of Mutabaruka, Dis Poem, and then I performed it. Yes I had several videos that were against racism and I chatted with many people always trying to save the world. You know peace and love bringing the world together, that’s how I sign my books.
    A funny note is that when I was a kid I was one of the few white kids to go to basketball camp and no I could not dunk. We all got along great. In fact we were concerned with playing basketball together, working together as a team and there was no prejudice at that camp. At night the guys would yell nasty things back and forth between the bunks. You know, your mammas so fat that when she backs up you hear beep, beep, beep; or your mammas so fat her belt size is equator (we could use the same joke on donald trump today). So one guy from his bunk yelled, and without malice or forethought, “Yo mamma white” and I immediately yelled back from the other bunk, So is mine”. Well, the guy yelled back through his laughter and tears, “Oh my god, its Teich, his mama is white”.
    Sometimes the truth will set you free. This time the truth was too funny to bear and all the bunks shared a laugh and an equality that I have seldom seen in the real world. I hope you thought this story was a three pointer.

    COLBERT SMALLBIZBUMP Colbert small biz bump. #colbertsmallbizbump #colbertsmallbusinessbump. @democracynow @colbertlateshow #blackownedbusiness #thelateshow #Cowsandpigsmaketheearthwarm #drpaulteich #globalwarming

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