1. huh. I thought he was going to say ‘if we actually adhere to the rule of law and follow through with the prosecution of donald trump and serve justice and prove that our system of government isn’t just a mechanism to protect the minority of the opulent against the majority we’ll also have to prosecute bush, cheney, both clintons, obama, many bidens, a few pelosis…where would it end?!’

    1. …And Reagan, Carter, Ford, Nixon, Kennedy, Eisenhower, Truman, and on and on. You’re 100% right. Figured the gag line was too long already without adding all the riffraff you suggest. That said, point taken and I’m in absolute agreement.

      1. and I agree with every addition you made, for the riffraff never ends. sadly, mr (gold)fish can’t seem to remember anyone before or after trump. but team blue is going to howl when the red team gains power and turnabout becomes fair play…

      2. You’re right, V. Best to ignore the current fascist asshole and focus on Dan Quayle, Janet Reno, and LBJ. That’ll fix everything. Brilliant.

      3. @boothdw biden is the current fascist asshole. trump is the previous fascist asshole. all of our ‘leaders’ and ‘representatives’ should be filling the docks at the Hague, but we the people keep pretending one team is better than the other. this will prove our downfall…

      4. For a fascist to be effective as a fascist he/she requires a sizable following. That’s Trump. Biden is more the current empty puppethead for the DNC who is dangerous more for pulling punches than landing them.

      5. @boothdw biden has been a corrupt war-mongering fascist for decades (and he’ll never be too senile to continue that streak). blueanon/blue maga is real. over and out…

      6. The fish is rotting from the head down. When things are rotten, one needs to yell stinking fish. I’m yelling, “Stinking fish!”

    2. well said
      a few decades ago Gene Burns alluded to the fact that there is not a dimes worth of difference between the 2 major parties. Nothing has changed.
      Im with Bernie

      1. Not sure where you’re getting commentary on “lower classes.” My gag line targeted apologists and supporters for Trump who justify their support based on a dangerous mythology that spans the classes. In fact, there are members of my own family who fit that description and would fall into a classes well above my own if one were to utilize the tropes that determine such antiquated status categories. I’d suggest a classist interpretation on your part, not in my rendering.

    3. exactly – those are the very reasons they haven’t cracked down on the conman

  2. Yup, that is the bigger danger for the staus quo. The rest of the mafia might fall. All three stinking branches and all their putrid corporate benefactors. The barely-thinking, the emotional reactionaries can easily enough be controlled. Just reprogram the messages.

  3. I can’t wait to be educated on just what, exactly, makes Biden the current fascist asshole? Fire away…

    1. Read ‘Yesterday’s Man: The Case Against Joe Biden’ by Branko Marcetic which details his entire political career. I’m on SSI and Medicare, Biden wants to privatize the entire social safety net, or what’s actually left of it. His part in the Clinton Crime Bill, the War on Drugs (he campaigned to legalize marijuana, didn’t happen because he’s a worse lair than Donald Trump and that’s saying something), Welfare Reform (who suffered the most? Single black mothers and their children), Nafta, which created the Rust Bowl, and the lists goes on and on. There’s no defense for Joe Biden and his crimes (yeah, he supported W Bush’s War of Terror and the building of the security state with the advancement of Homeland Security, whole heartedly). I’ve a summer head cold and my mind’s a bit fuzzy so I’ll leave it there. In 2020, I didn’t vote for him or Trump, wrote in Sanders as I did in 2016. One last thing, he’s advancing The Cold War II which possibly could become WWII, he’s a very dangerous, demented man, and you have the gall to say, “Fire away…” Pathetic!

    2. $47 million.
      The amount of money received by Biden, for his presidential run, from Pharma execs.
      Biden is a fascist asshole.

  4. As I spun through 12 comments, I wondered, why no “Viva Palestine!”? Palestine Is Still THE Issue! Besides my conviction that Palestine continues to be the victim of colonialism — British (Balfour), French, American, (esp.) Zionism —

    Let’s not forget that Biden, in 2008 or 2010, first announced “I am a Zionist.” He has demonstrated that colonial mindset, and evidenced his disdain for the rule of law and other quaint terms such as justice, human rights, ethics, morality, dignity et al, every day since.

    Solve Palestine, and then we can begin to move on to confronting and resolving the myriad problems afflicting the global 99 percent. Until then, the most odious hypocrisy reigns….

    We’re all Palestinians now….

    1. And he went with hat-in-hand to Saudia Arabia for oil, kissed a whole lot of butt, was mocked endlessly, so much for making their leader a pariah.

  5. Hah, at first glance I was looking for the knife and plates. I assumed these fellows were about to carve up the US of A cake.

  6. boothdw starts out well but again, blame falls on the lower classes which should begin to unite against the elite class if only out of self-interest. In all truth, a waste of space.

  7. I love a good political cartoon, miss Steadman, Crumb, Sue Coe. There are so few venues that’ll print anything laughing or crying over our lamentable system but why a nothing drawing, with no humor to it and the run-on text flogging an idea which in the hands of a copywriter would be witty? I like Mr. Fishes dry pieces, but this new strain still has kinks. I’d love to submit: to whom do I write? Mr. Scheerer?

    1. Would never classify Crumb as a political cartoonist, nor would he, and I’m not sure how ‘humorous’ Sue Coe is. Some satire functions best as an expression of blunt truth, nothing else, which in a culture mired by bullshit will resonate as art, though not for every one, I guess. Not sure what a ‘nothing drawing’ is, exactly. Stick figures would be sufficient in portraying men in suits sitting around a table, which is the only set up necessary for the commentary I wanted to offer. Sometimes a more detailed rendering is necessary to communicate a message key to a “punchline.” Didn’t think this one required that. Similar choice when deciding to go long with the text. I dig the aesthetic sometimes, as do other readers of mine. Again, artistic choice, nothing more. And I’d love to see your cartoons for possible inclusion on ScheerPost. Send them along: mrfish@clowncrack.com

  8. A very cynical smarmy sarcastic statement that fails to address actual outcomes.

  9. To the person writing as Banks I would say that while it may not be a fascist tendency to help a minority in Ukraine whose tendencies were seen as Fascist and provocative by the Russian government of usurpation, it was certainly vulnerable to the military industrial complex to do so. Suddenly, despite two world wars started in Europe, we’re again in a war with a power which already spans half the globe. The poor rural boys for whose idle hands Putin is making work are probably still on the train from Siberia and haven’t reached the front yet.

  10. Recently, I’ve noticed that comments about Mr. Fish’s cartoons often seem to reflect the growing negative, intolerant, dysfunctional, and splintered nature of what passes for discourse in our hollowed-out public forums, rather than Fish’s intent and the thrust of his cartoon. It frustrates and saddens me when it seems that his toons are misunderstood, maligned, and/or pushed aside for the sake of the commentor’s own agenda. Snap reactions and judgments; intolerance; ad hominems and facile name-calling—fascist, moron, bully!

    Surely, Mr. Fish’s goal is to shine a light on reality. (God, some of the monsters no-longer hidden in the dark are beyond scary.) Surely, his goal is to help all of us to better understand what is going on, who and what is responsible, and to get us to think about what we can do about it—as individuals and together. This beautiful planet is becoming a hell-on-earth of man’s making. Few have become better people because of it. I know I haven’t. If we are to survive this death culture, this culture of hate, we must learn to listen to each other. We can do little as mere individuals; TOGETHER, WE CAN MAKE THE NECESSARY CHANGE TO CREATE A WORLD FOR US ALL. And it begins with taking the time to listen.

    Mr. Fish’s toons are a form of poetry. In just one panel, he uses imagery and simple—yet profound—words to express the inexpressible—or at the very least, complex sociopolitical and human issues. Yes, that’s poetry! Also, he does his toons with wit and humor and amazing artistic skill. That’s genius!

    These words do not reflect any sense of moral or intellectual superiority on my part. I’m more interested in respecting and working together than in dividing and calling people out. I write them as one human to another. Some may dismiss them as naive and simplistic. Overcoming the mess we’re in requires hope—imagining better—and love and compassion. And let me say this, I’m not talking about cloying, sentimental love; I’m talking about the greatest force in the world. Love is radical. Love is FIERCE.

    I’m not sure we CAN overcome this undoing/destruction/death. I once wrote:

    Each of us has a choice
    We can love our neighbor as ourselves
    We can do unto others as we would have them do unto us
    We can begin to live each day with love and respect in our hearts and actions.

    Could it be that simple? Could that humble approach be the beginning? I hope so. You tell me.

    In the meantime, let’s continue to read and to respond to Mr. Fish’s toons.
    Thank you. I am not alone. You are not alone. We are not alone.

    1. Fish’s work amazes me every day. I am not one for jealously, but sometimes I fear I’m jealous of his art talent and ability to see. A favorite quote of mine is, (I forget who said it) “he who is not a misanthrope by 50, never truly loved mankind.” I feel it is that trampled love that fuels Fish’s work. Right or not about his motivation, his works speak to that part of me as I feverishly try to rekindle my love for mankind.

      1. Yes! Thanks for the honest, hopeful words fom your heart. Righteous indignation is not hate. It springs from love and hope. Great and true quote. (I sometimes fear human beings are worse than cockroaches–the worse thing that ever happened to Earth). Like you, a lot of us are reeling from moral injury as we try our best to hold onto meaning, community, compassion, and our humanity. I hope love, the planet, and the best in humanity endure. I really appreciate what you wrote. Thanks. Let’s keep reading and enjoying and supporting Mr. Fish’s work.

  11. As is universally true, if we want to understand and overcome the seminal cause of the entire pyramid of this Disguised Global Crony Capitalist Racist Propagandist Criminal Ecocidal ‘Child-Killing’ and ‘War-Starting’ Empire — just “Follow the Money” — up to both duopoly parties and all the way beyond that to the “Quiet American” Empire.

    [Commented far earlier] — and now submitted to “these ‘TIMES’ they are a-changing” somewhat progressively, but too slowly — a second time, and the 3rd time to the ‘Times’

    Now I know why Chris Hedges is the “Most Dangerous Man” in our ‘TIMES’.

    Maybe Jeff’s “Washington Post” will actually post a slightly expanded ‘Daily, Front-Page, and Mast-Head, Banner’ like this:

    Democracy Dies In Darkness Under Empire

    I’m not sure any of these arrogantly self-appointed “Master of the Universe” Wealth will ever do shit about the ugly but Camouflaged and Disguised Global Crony Capitalist Racist Propagandist Criminal Ecocidal Child-Killing & War-Starting EMPIRE, controlled by the ‘Ruling-Elite’, UHNWI, <0.003%ers, TCCers, arrogantly self-appointed "Masters of the Universe", and "Evil (not-so) Geniuses" [Kurt Andersen] — which hides Empire behind their totally corrupted dual-party Vichy-facade of faux-democracy.

    And yet Mark trumps others with his claim to METAverse — which must in his distorted and evil mind must think he can beat out the rest of these effin Meta BILLIONAIRES

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