1. We need to make simple changes to our system, like: 1. terminating it completely, 2. eliminating Corporation Status completely, 3. Eliminating the immunity given to Big Pig Pharma in the 1980’s, 4. Eliminating the Federal Reserve and with it the Federal Debt goes Bye Bye. 5. Eliminating the CIA, NSA, IRS, and overhauling the FBI. 6. Eliminating the Department of Justice as it is set up now. 7. Reinstitution a real representative form of government that truly represents the interest of the PEOPLE, including a Banking System and money control system run by of and for the People with oversight by Congress and the People with no favoritism or pork barrel legislation. 8. Complete disclosure of all secrets of any kind except those that may jeopardize our safety as a nation vis a vis all other nations.9. Elimination of NASA as it has been a Fraudulent Agency using all of our money to deceive us as to the truth that there are many species and races in our own solar system that have been hidden from us. That is why they ignore the findings of George Adamski and others. They are cowards of the highest order. 10. Exposure of what is going on in Antarctica since well before WW2 to the present. And exposure of why there is a no-fly zone over that area. 11. Exposure of the truth as to all living beings on this planet or inside the planet such as in South America Pategonia Argentina, under the ocean, etc. etc. Exposure of what has been going on in Area 51 and S4 etc. I could go on forever.

    1. There are a million good points in your comments but you missed two biggies. The elimination of Nukes and the cancelling of fossil fuels. I might add bringing the troops home from overseas bases and putting these tit suckers to work fixing roads and building housing and schools.

  2. Let’s blame Hollywood and the MSM.
    The violent jingoism portrayed in their propaganda has brainwashed tens of millions of intentionally undereducated Americans.

  3. Old joke- “I needed to go to the toilet
    Then got started
    I really tried
    Sadly, I just farted“

  4. Why people submit to meaningless ritual of crawling to voting booth to give away their power to rule and self emasculate politically?

    The overall answer to that question in the US is rampant opportunism, hypocrisy, cowardice and totalitarian culture of raw fear and submission to authority, as Chomsky posited over two decades ago, instilled in the population, and representing implicit recognition of fallacy of proudly proclaimed American freedoms and democracy where there is none, and tacit acknowledgement that this is inverted totalitarian regime we all are living under, combined with a deeply rooted fear that the regime will seek cruel revenge and painful punishment of those individuals who challenge its rule and do not submit to its hidden powers that nobody dares even to utter or admit while expecting, praying or begging for mercy of privilege by those who wholeheartedly submit to the rulers as Tocqueville and Mills posited independently analyzing American society in space of one century.

    They knew that US is implicitly ruled by oligarchic mafia lead by banking cartel and Wall Street since 1790 under democratic lie.

    As they posited, when men want to rule without seeming to do so, .. because they cannot [openly] lay claim to the required legitimacy, they will rule invisibly and “benignly,” shielding themselves behind the rhetoric of popular rule.

    Although “authority [in the US supposedly] formally resides ‘in the people,’ . . . the power of initiation is in fact held by small circles of men.”[In hands of behind the scenes ruling oligarchic elite]. This is not to be known. There is the risk that power becomes identified by its true colors. “That is why the standard strategy of manipulation is to make it appear that the people . . . ‘really made the decision’” (ibid., 317).
    It was know in XIX. Century already.
    This is the idea behind allowing people or as Lippmann described them “meddlesome spectators” to go through in fact meaningless voting ritual after fury of. political campaign signifying nothing.

    [In the US we have,] .. to use Sheldon Wolin’s terminology, .. a “managed democracy,” political form in which governments are legitimated by elections that they have learned to control,” form of government that attempts to keep alive appearance of democracy while simultaneously defeating democracy’s primary purpose, self-government.

    As quoted above both, Tocqueville and Mills, identified hidden menacing power structure of fused state and private tyranny [also called Deep State] and its rules of control that are hidden, subtle unutterable, unspoken about, power that denies itself as power under guise of false free choice and propaganda of supposed democratic participation.

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