2024 Dr. Cornel West J4S Original

Cornel West’s Campaign So Far (w/ Sabby Sabs)

By Diego Ramos and Max Jones / Original to ScheerPost

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Journalists for Sale co-hosts Max Jones and Diego Ramos talk to Sabby Sabs, host of the Sabby Sabs Podcast and a co-host at Revolutionary Blackout Network, about the 2024 election landscape with a focus on the Cornel West campaign, and the role that Peter Daou’s short-lived role as his campaign manager has played in West’s now independent run. Sabby is one of the leading journalists and media figures covering the post duopoly elements of the 2024 election — Jones and Ramos use her recent interviews with West, Daou, and Jill Stein as a foundation for the larger conversation, ranging from a discussion on Biden’s fascism to outsider campaign strategy.

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Max Jones

Max Jones is a staff writer and video producer for ScheerPost. A summa cum laude graduate of the University of Southern California, where he studied communications and screenwriting, he is following his post-USC plans to be an independent filmmaker and screenwriter, and a journalist at ScheerPost. He has covered various topics in both his web show Journalists for Sale and writing, focusing most heavily on issues of free speech, information warfare, and foreign policy.

Diego Ramos

Diego Ramos, ScheerPost managing editor and New York bureau chief, is a journalist from Queens, NY. He graduated from the University of Southern California in 2022 with a bachelor’s degree in journalism. He has previously worked at BuzzFeed News and was managing editor of Annenberg News at USC. He’s covered and researched myriad topics including war, politics, psychedelic research and sports. 

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